Virtual support groups


We understand that individual meetings with a dietitian are not always enough to make long-lasting changes. In some cases, regular support, accountability and interaction is necessary to really make a difference in your overall health. 

If you are someone who needs more consistent support, or maybe just finds it difficult to attend regular in-person meetings, then our virtual support groups might be the solution. 

 24/7 access to our virtual support group via Facebook.

Please note: these groups are private to the public but you will be able to see and communicate with other members of the group. Release forms will be provided to sign upon joining. 

NYNG Dietitians will contribute regular content and lead frequent group discussions. 

Members of the group are encouraged to share, post, and exchange questions which each other.

The dietitians will also be there to answer questions and ensure all posts are appropriate and relevant as well.

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Current Groups

  • Eating Disorder Recovery Group

  • Weight Loss Support Group

    The fee is $10/month and will be billed as a subscription based service. Contact us today for more information and to sign up!