Nutrition Counseling



Initial Visit: During this session we will go over your complete medical, nutrition, weight and lifestyle history. By the end of the visit you will leave with a meal plan, guidelines and shopping list. If needed, you will also receive a general exercise plan, supplements and referrals for other testing.

Follow-Up Visits: These visits are essential to guarantee success, monitor progress (weights, body fat, etc.), review food records, modify meal plans as needed or answer any questions.



Corporate Seminars are 30 minute nutrition talks provided during lunch hours or anytime of day for big or small corporations. Seminar topics are modified to fit each type of business environment and employee’s needs. Corporate weight loss challenges can also be provided to increase participation and effectiveness.

Restaurant Menu Building & Nutritional Analysis can be offered for any type of food service facility. Nutrition analysis includes calculation of calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein of each food item. Specific Meal Plans can be designed using menu items and labeled as “Weight Loss”, “Diabetes Friendly”, “Gluten-Free” or “Muscle-Building” meal plans.

Sessions are available privately in person or on the phone. We also offer Skype sessions for remote, yet face-to-face, counseling. Sessions can be purchased directly online.

Had my first session tonight and it was incredibly informative and I walked away with tools and information to eat healthier while still enjoying what I love!
— Denarys W.