Spring Clean Your Kitchen

By Alejandra Olivos, RD-to-be

Spring has FINALLY arrived! This means it’s time for seasonal cleaning and while you’re at, why not pay some extra attention to your kitchen pantry and refrigerator? Use this as an opportunity to get rid of all the tantalizing and daunting junk food, or packaged foods, that have been sitting in your cabinets all winter. With warmer weather comes more skin-baring clothes so there’s no better time for a serious kitchen clean out!

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Go through your kitchen (cabinets, pantry, freezer, and refrigerator) and throw away all food and/or half-empty bags of food that have expired or that have been sitting there too long.
2. Sanitize your fridge, kitchen counter and cabinets so bacteria have no room for growth.
3. Got leftover candy and treats from recent holidays or birthdays? Get rid of it!
4. Make a shopping list for healthy foods you are going to eat that week and go grocery shopping! Shopping once a week ensures that you won’t stock up on products you may end up not eating.
5. Aim to eat at least one fruit or vegetable at each meal everyday, and replace unhealthy snacks for a fruit or vegetable. Try apple slices, or baby carrots with hummus.
6. Try to avoid sugary drinks. Keep yourself hydrated with unsweetened iced teas, or add slices of your favorite fruits and herbs to water. A soda stream machine is a wise investment to provide you with endless amounts of refreshing, zero-calorie, sparkling water.

7. The fruits and veggies you missed all winter are back in season! Keep a fresh fruit bowl on the table, and chop up some produce like carrots or cucumbers for quick healthy snacking in between meals. Bring color to your diet and incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables to your salads and desserts whenever you can.

Nick VanMeter