How To Eat Like A Dietitian!

While I can’t speak for every single RD out there, most of us dietitians truly do practice what we preach. Rarely will you hear a Registered Dietitian tell you that a single food is “bad” for you or to stop eating carbs entirely AND, quite often, you will notice the most commonly used saying among us is “everything in moderation.” But what many people REALLY want to know is, after all of our lecturing and counseling is finished, what nutrition rules exactly are we (dietitians) following everyday? Let me first start by saying: no we are not weird humans who just hate the taste of food and only live off of water, celery and Greek Yogurt. On the other hand, there are some basic nutrition principles we will likely all agree upon. Follow them to eat like a dietitian.

1) We don’t diet or deprive ourselves. Eating food, and lots of different types of food, is one of the many pleasures and gifts that we are blessed with as humans. Crash dieting or restricting foods is not only dangerous but unnatural and completely unnecessary to reach your goal weight. Of course, since eating it is not the only source of pleasure in life, we also have other ways to feel fulfilled and rewarded that we seek out in more necessary times to avoid over-eating.

2) All food groups have a place on our plate.
 From fruits, veggies and dairy to whole grains, healthy fats and meat, there is nothing left untouched because we know how important is to eat a balanced diet. Following any plan that tells you differently can be harmful and unsustainable.

3) We take everything with a grain of salt (not literally of course). It seems like almost every day we hear of a new study published on nutrition that contradicts previous beliefs or Dr. Oz is promising another magical weight loss pill is available in the market. While we can never ignore new health information, it doesn’t mean we immediately believe it either. The best approach is to take it with a grain of salt, go back to principle 2 and keep eating your healthy balanced diet because really….. that is all you can do.

4) Exercise is our secret ingredient. Although we are experts in the field of nutrition, exercise is still a major part of our lives. Anytime, anywhere and in any fashion you will see us moving and staying active because we know diet and exercise truly go hand-in-hand. Regular exercise does wonders not just for your body but also for your mind and, the better you feel, the better your food choices will be.

Nick VanMeter