Celebrate Fall With In-Season Produce

Now that Fall is officially here, it’s time to take advantage of the mild crisp weather with more outdoor exercise and of course, all the in-season produce that this season has to offer. Not only can you pick your own apples and pumpkins in the Fall, but you can enjoy plenty of other colorful and delicious fruits and veggies that you might not have access to the rest of the year. Here are just a few plant foods you need to get your hands on before it’s too late!


1) CORN – While this versatile veggie is also great in the summer, you can continue eating it well into Fall. Rich in fiber and B-vitamins, you can throw it right on the grill or make a zesty corn salad. Save calories by eating it sans butter, and eat it right off the cob for only 70-130 calories a pop.

2) EGGPLANT – This fall must-have has a very meaty texture, so you can use it as a meat substitute in vegetarian recipes. 1 cup raw has only 20 calories and 3g fiber.

3) FIGS – Most commonly eaten dried, figs make a great addition to colorful salads. 1 raw fig has under 50 calories and 2g of fiber.

4) APPLES – Among the most popular of the fruits, apples happen to be best in the fall. It is easier to find them locally grown or you can just go right to the fields and pick them yourself. Eat them as on-the-go snacks or get creative by making warm apple pie, sweet baked apples, or even cinnamon spiced applesauce.

5)WINTER SQUASH – Despite it’s “winter” label, winter squashes such as butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash are best eaten in the fall. Not only  is squash tasty and hearty but this low-cal food is also chock-full of nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

6) SWEET POTATO – Just as the name suggests, these potatoes are much sweeter than white ones and more nutritious as well offering plenty of complex carbs, vitamin A, and fiber.

7) PUMPKIN – They’re not just meant for carving spooky Halloween faces, this October staple, can be eaten in soups, pies, breads, or added to any savory recipe for an extra burst of flavor. 1 cup raw pumpkin has just 30 calories and 171% of daily vitamin A needs.

8) PEARS – You can find them all year long but the fall is prime time for pears. 1 Small pear has just 60 calories and a whopping 5g of fiber. Whether you eat them whole, sliced up in a salad, or baked with some cinnamon powder, pears should be on your fall menu.

Nick VanMeter