30 Ways To Eat Veggies

Most Americans do not consume nearly enough vegetables in their diet. The USDA recommends that adults eat at least 2.5-3 cups daily ( See chart).  The biggest complaint is that they don’t taste good or it is too much work to prepare them. Today I am going to prove you wrong by showing you all the easy and tasty ways (30 to be exact) you can add these high-fiber, nutrient dense, and low-calorie wonders into your diet.


1. Grate sweet potato into pancake mix.

2. Mix chopped onions or mushrooms in scrambled eggs.

3. Eat guacamole dip with carrots instead of tortilla chips.

4. Cook eggs inside whole bell peppers.

5. Have a tomato juice instead of orange juice.

6. Infuse water with fresh mint.

7. Add cucumber slices on top of your bagel with cream cheese.

8. Top your turkey burger with tomato slices.

9. Replace the side of french fries for a salad.

10. Pack baby carrots with you on long work days.

11. Add chopped spinach, onions, peppers, etc, to ground meat before forming into burgers or patties.

12. Throw zucchini on the grill at a BBQ.

13. Use cauliflower instead of flour for pizzacrust.

14. Top eggplant with cheese and tomato sauce  to form a mini pizza.

15. Get the pizza slice with mushrooms and peppers.

16. Dip celery sticks into peanut butter.

17. Cook chicken in canned crush tomatoes.

18. Make a zucchini or carrot bread for dessert instead of chocolate cake.

19. Mix chopped onions, garlic, peppers, and spinach into tomato sauce.

20. Stir in canned artichokes and cooked spinach with low-fat cheese and greek yogurt to make a healthy dip.

21. Put lettuce and tomato on your turkey sandwich.

22. Make meatballs with chopped mushrooms and onions.

23. Stir fry chicken with bell peppers, red onions and broccoli.

24. Steamed cauliflower and mash it up until it looks like mashed potatoes.

25. Order a side salad with dinner at a restaurant to eat before the meal.

26. Get the bloody mary at brunch instead of a mimosa.

27. Cook eggplant parm for dinner tonight instead of chicken parm.

28. Snack on carrots and hummus if you’re hungry in between meals.

29. Have a bag of Terra Chips instead of pretzels if you want something crunchy and salty.

30. Bring crudite and dip to your next party.

Nick VanMeter