“Amazing! Unbelievable! I’m so happy! I have been working with NY Nutrition Group since March 2017. I started working with her due to a medical issue and needed help with my diet. She explained everything to me, is knowledgeable, patient and down to earth. I have learned so much from her, still love and enjoy food and although I went for a medical issue, I wanted to lose weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds and don’t feel that I’ve been on a diet or deprived. Working with NYNG has changed my life.”
~Nancy S.

 “As a lifelong athlete, and member of the clean-plate club, I’ve always been able to balance my healthy appetite and weight. But now in my 40s and recovering from big injuries, I’ve found myself in a body I no longer recognize. With my NYNG dietitian’s advice and guidance over the last few months, I’ve been able to refocus my eating habits and really think about what I eat and when I eat it. That’s led me to make healthier food choices at most every meal, understand why and accept responsibility when I make those less healthy food choices and, ultimately, start seeing and feeling results. Knowing that I’m accountable to a coach again? Just what this athlete needed.”

~Erin K.


“Outstanding!! If you truly want to be healthy and lose weight for the long term this is the way to go. I don’t feel that starving feeling anymore. My husband sat in on an appointment with me and he was so impressed with how realistic she was. My dietitian gave him a few pointers to help him and if he needs to take it a step further he will schedule his own appointment with her to set up nutrition goals for himself.”

~Kerrie J.

” NY Nutrition Group is a true gem! I have never felt hungry or deprived on the plan my dietitian set up for me and I always feel that I can email her with any questions or issues and she gives me sound advice or words of encouragement. She really listens to my concerns and helps me. As a result, slowly and steadily the weight is coming off. I have lost 10lbs, 1.5″ off my waist and hips in the 3 months we have been working together. Is it the rapid fix of “lose 20lbs a month” that other weight loss programs promise? No, but I know that this plan will stick because it is reasonable and sound. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking to lose weight in a supportive and sane way.”
~Michelle K.
“I was referred to NY Nutrition Group by my gastroenterologist shortly after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and combatting silent reflux.  At the time, I was at an unhealthy low weight and trying to navigate my new, mandatory gluten-free lifestyle.  I have since been meeting with my dietitian and she has guided me and given me the right tools and information to help me maintain a healthy, well-balanced, gluten-free and low-acid diet. She has pointed me in the direction of nutrient-rich foods that will help overcome the various vitamin deficiencies I’ve experienced as well as suggested snack ideas and short-cuts to make sure I can easily maintain my daily meal plan.  In just a few short months I have become very comfortable with my gluten-free diet and am back to a healthy weight and easily maintaining it — I owe this success to NY Nutrition Group.”

~Marie C.

“As someone who needs to lose a significant amount of weight but still wants to enjoy food, I knew that I could not succeed in my efforts without the help of a registered dietician.  Over the past 2 years,  my NYNG dietitian has been amazing in her support and guidance – I especially love that we’re able to collaborate together in coming up with a plan that allows me to be healthy without feeling starved or deprived.  And during more difficult periods, she’s been instrumental in keeping me accountable and on track .  Although I still have a ways to go in my weight-loss journey, I owe my success so far to NY Nutrition Group – I couldn’t have done it without her!”

~Sandra V.


” My NY Nutrition Group dietitian was very friendly and had expert advice that took into account what my experiences were and what I was saying (which is not always the case with medical professionals!). I felt listened to, and well taken care of, and so left feeling very happy I had been recommended to see her!”

~James W.


“My experience this past year with NYNG has truly exceeded any of my expectations! She creates a fun and non-judgmental environment, provides educated information and creative habit-forming tactics, and keeps me accountable and on-track to my goals. It’s been easy to follow her advice, and I’ve lost significant weight doing so!”

~Allison R.


“My friend recommended I meet with a NY Nutrition Group dietitian and I totally understand why – my dietitian really knows her stuff and breaks down nutritional concepts in a way that was easy for me to grasp. My appointment was almost an hour and I never felt like she had anywhere else to be. I left her office with various resources and am definitely looking at what I eat differently now!”

~Laura T.


“My experience with NY Nutrition Group was phenomenal. There are dozens of reasons I came to see her, including but not limited to determining potential food allergies, how to switch over to veganism while still consuming the right nutrients, and even discussing whether I want to remain vegan. She also has a metabolism breath test covered by my insurance! I did not feel rushed whatsoever, and even though my thoughts were all over the place, she was able to help guide me in the right direction without being judgmental and imposing her personal food beliefs on me. I came to the appointment with lots of food fears, concerns, and issues, and I left with a very open mind. Also, her office is the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen of any medical professional. I can’t wait for my next appointment.”

~Katherine K.


” They are very helpful! My dietitian asked me several questions to understand my background and goals. She then jumped right in to offer practical and realistic tips. She made sure to make it work with my budget and taste preferences. When I told her what I liked and disliked she was willing to accommodate that. She also typed up simple guidelines for me to take home. If you want sustainable lifestyle improvement that’s not a crash diet, and that’s focused on fundamentals instead of fads, NY Nutrition Group will help you out!”

~Casey P.


“I started working with NY Nutrition Group when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 2 1/2 years ago. Stefanie understood that Type 2 Diabetes ran in my family and she worked with me to tweak my diet to make it healthier. Our initial goal was reducing my A1C number with a secondary goal of losing some weight. I love my NYNG dietitian because she is always a positive influence. There were some weeks when it didn’t seem like anything was happening and I would get frustrated but she helped me keep the faith. Happily the weight is off, my exercise routine and diet are on track and most importantly my A1C is excellent.
I had been to a nutritionist once before and it was not a good experience. The dietitian I found at NY Nutrition Group was my cheerleader, never made me feel like I wasn’t trying, and I don’t know which one of us was happier about the results! Stefanie is a gem and I will always be grateful for her.”
~Heather H.
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